TXR Runners Inc. Training Calendar

Venue addresses are here.

Session Structure

A typical weekday session will look like this:

WARMUP - 10 mins - gentle jogging, dynamic stretching
DRILLS - 10 mins - specific running drills (eg - A Skip, Grapevines, Bounding) to improve running form
STRIDES - 10 mins - improve form, prepare body for main session, increase heart rate
MAIN SESSION - 20-25 mins - various structured activities. Coach will explain purpose of the session, appropriate pacing and areas of focus
COOL DOWN - 5-10mins - very gentle jog, reduce heart rate and begin recovery.


Looking for coaching for younger runners?
We recommend Melbourne Athletics Academy as the ideal option for younger runners!

Visiting Melbourne from interstate or overseas? 
Then we recommend Running Tours Melbourne to give you a sightseeing tour of the city on foot! 

Other running options