Athletes younger than 18 years may only participate in a TXR Runners training session with written parental consent and after consultation with the coach supervising the particular session. An appropriate adult must attend the athlete's first session if the athlete is under the age of 18. We recommend speaking to our coaches regarding suitable training options for runners under 14 years old.

TXR training sessions have been planned with the adult body in mind, and although juniors are generally enthusiastic and eager to run longer distances it can actually have a detrimental effect on their developing body.

The venues that we use for training are often expansive, poorly lit or involve challenging terrain, meaning that supervision of athletes may at times be difficult and in the event of withdrawing from a session, there may be a significant walk to return to the starting point. For this reason, we recommend our coached, structured sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as preferred options for young runners.

TXR Runners recommends Melbourne Athletics Academy as the appropriate alternative for younger athletes. This program is designed with the specificity of a developing younger body and with their athletic past and future goals in mind, and is individualised. Coaches are drawn from the TXR Panel and have qualifications appropriate to coaching younger athletes and appropriate certification including Working With Children's Checks or VIT Registration.

MAA have currently have training sessions at Berwick in conjunction with Casey Little Athletics Centre with more venues to be added in late-2016. For more information on those programs visit www.melbourneathleticsacademy.com or facebook.com/melbourneathleticsacademy

If there are any questions on this please speak to any of our TXR coaches or email TXR Runners.